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The ACT Career Curriculum is a comprehensive learning system focused on the knowledge and abilities important for success in the workplace. The Curriculum sharpens the skills of students, prospective employees, and longtime staff. We offer interactive courses and a system for assigning, tracking, and reporting your users’ progress.

Our goal is simple but big...

To foster individual and organizational success through skills development

Find out more about our curriculum offerings: ACT KeyTrain® and ACT Career Ready 101.

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Access the new ACT WorkKeys Curriculum

ACT WorkKeys Curriculum is aligned with the updated WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificate assessments. Courses available:

  • Applied Math: Builds the ability to apply mathematical principles to problems encountered in the workplace
  • Graphic Literacy: Builds the ability to find, analyze, and apply information presented in workplace graphics
  • Workplace Documents: Builds the ability to understand and apply written information presented in the workplace

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It’s Effective!

Check out this technical brief describing an analysis of high school student participation in the ACT KeyTrain curriculum and its impact on improving ACT WorkKeys assessment scores.

the paper

The results of this analysis showed significant gains in the posttest mean scale scores for the students who took the ACT KeyTrain curriculum for Applied Mathematics, Locating Information, and Reading for Information compared to students who were given other non-ACT WorkKeys skill related instruction.

Our curriculum on your terms

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We’re not going to tell you what browser to use or require you to step through some confusing plug-in installation process just so you can use our curriculum.

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