ACT Career Ready 101


ACT Career Ready 101 is a comprehensive program that brings together courses from both ACT KeyTrain and the ACT Soft Skills Suite.

The program offers an integrated approach to exploring careers and their skill requirements and builds life-literacy through lessons about financial awareness, job searching, and more.

Run ACT Career Ready 101

Through the KeyTrain component, the program prepares users for ACT WorkKeys® and the ACT NCRC.

With the ACT Soft Skills Suite component, ACT Career Ready 101 also supports the ACT NCRC Plus, building skills relevant to the ACT WorkKeys Talent Assessment’s Indices for Teamwork, Customer Service Orientation, Workplace Discipline, and Managerial Potential.

ACT Career Ready 101 is a powerful way to work toward obtaining ACT NCRC credentials and helps set users up for success.

To find out more about specific careers and their skills requirements, check out our job profiles database.

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Individuals may purchase the ACT KeyTrain courses at the ACT Online Store.

Note: ACT Career Ready 101 is available only from licensed sites and cannot be purchased by individuals. Request information about obtaining a license for your site.