Nevada State High School

ACT KeyTrain® Results

Nevada State High School (NSHS) is an early college charter school for juniors and seniors in high school. Students take college courses at universities and colleges in Nevada and those courses count for both high school and college credit.

The school’s mission is: “To support . . . students in a college environment with personal, academic, and social skills.” They use ACT WorkKeys assessments to help achieve this mission. The school also provides the ACT KeyTrain Curriculum for foundational career skills training.

NSHS and ACT collaborated on a joint study to analyze the impact of ACT KeyTrain on increasing ACT WorkKeys skill levels in Reading for Information, Locating Information, and Applied Mathematics. The study included students in the 2009–2010 and 2010–2011 school years.

Comparing pre-test performances to the students’ best ACT WorkKeys performances at post-test time, gains from intervening instruction, including the ACT KeyTrain, were significant and substantial for the students over the two-year period.

Among other variables, the study looked at the relationship between ACT WorkKeys skill levels and what lessons students chose to complete in ACT KeyTrain (including passing the end-of-lesson quizzes in ACT KeyTrain).

As indicated in the table, students differed in what they chose to study after the pre-tests. The table shows the percent of students selecting various ACT KeyTrain course levels to study relative to their ACT WorkKeys pre-test scores.

ACT KeyTrain Curriculum Level% of Students
Challenging (above ACT WorkKeys pre-test level)31%
At Level (at ACT WorkKeys pre-test level)25%
Easy (below ACT WorkKeys pre-test level)44%

Distribution of Student* Curriculum Choices

Students who completed ACT KeyTrain lessons and passed quizzes that were at a level above their ACT WorkKeys pre-test level had the highest improvement rates between pre- and post-test on ACT WorkKeys. Students who completed ACT KeyTrain lessons and passed quizzes that were below their ACT WorkKeys pre-test levels had the lowest improvement rates.

*Includes students who completed lessons and passed quizzes (n = 213).

Source: Drs. John and Wendi Hawk and Mary Bruton. Building a Better College and Career Ready Workforce, presented at Tomorrow’s Workforce Starts Here Conference. Chicago, IL, April 2010.

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