System Requirements

Access ACT curriculum from the browser on any modern computer, tablet, or mobile device. No apps to install. No plug-ins needed.

ACT KeyTrain and ACT Career Ready 101 System Requirements

Examples of what you can use

  • Windows PC (Vista or newer) with a recent version of Internet Explorer (version 9 or newer), Chrome, Firefox, or Opera
  • Mac OS X (10.2 or newer) with a recent version of Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or Opera
  • iPad, iPod, or iPhone (iOS 4 or newer) with Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or Opera
  • Android tablets and smartphones (version 2.1 or newer)
  • Blackberry PlayBook and smartphones (version 10 or newer)
  • Microsoft Surface tablets and Windows phones
  • Kindle Fire
  • Chromebooks

Browser settings

  • JavaScript enabled
  • Cookies enabled

Internet Connection

  • 3g/4g/LTE or a Wi-Fi connection is needed if using a mobile device.
  • For best results, a high-speed Internet connection (DSL, cable, etc.) is recommended.
  • For multi-user sites, the responsiveness of the program depends on the amount of available bandwidth, taking into consideration other traffic that already exists on the connection. As a rule of thumb, a T-1, cable modem, or DSL connection can support up to 30 simultaneous users with the sound turned on and up to 150 with the sound turned off.


  • Required for Writing, Listening, Workplace Observation, and Teamwork
  • Recommended for Applied Mathematics, Reading for Information, Locating Information, and Applied Technology

Additional software

  • To handle imports and exports, you need a spreadsheet viewer such as Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice (administrators and instructors only)


  • If running a firewall or other security software, exceptions may need to be added to allow all communication to and from * and *