ACT Soft Skills Suite—FAQ

The ACT Soft Skills Suite is a set of five online, self-paced training courses, built to help individuals gain knowledge and skills important to their on-the-job success. The ACT Soft Skills Suite focuses on behaviors and attitudes that affect job performance. Its courses reflect the skills gaps hiring managers most frequently report.

  • Customer Service: building relationships with and providing excellent service to a customer
  • Interpersonal and Business Communication: fostering productive conversations and interactions, and giving presentations
  • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking: addressing problems, thinking critically and analytically about them, and producing suitable answers and decisions as a result
  • Working in Teams I & II: contributing as a productive team member
  • Work Discipline: analyzing how personal behaviors enable or interfere with job success

The ACT Soft Skills Suite was built to respond to the needs and skills gaps of prospective employees. The courses address the most critical gaps hiring managers and workforce development professionals see in their candidates and clients.

  • The ACT Soft Skills Suite launched for our ACT KeyTrain® clients on April 23, 2014.
  • New courses will be available by the end of June 2014 for ACT Career Ready 101 clients.
  • By the end of June 2014, we will have all ACT WorkKeys-related courses, the ACT Soft Skills Suite, and all ACT Career Ready 101 content available online.

Yes, the ACT Soft Skills Suite courses will be compatible with desktop and mobile devices connected to the Internet.

The courses and delivery system are designed to be available to the user 24/7. Users can access them anywhere they have Internet connection.

The ACT Soft Skills Suite is not designed to influence scores on the ACT WorkKeys Talent Assessment, even though the courses are related in subject matter to the Talent Indices (Customer Service Orientation, Managerial Potential, Teamwork, and Work Discipline). The Talent Assessment is a personality inventory and its scores identify the strength of certain personal traits. Training doesn’t affect personal traits the same way it affects skills or behavioral knowledge.

When armed with the knowledge of one’s personal traits as identified by the Talent Assessment, however, an individual can learn behaviors and attitudes that will enhance his or her performance. This knowledge allows the learner to build on some traits and compensate for others, depending also on the individual’s work environment. For this reason, completing the ACT Soft Skills Suite after taking the ACT WorkKeys Talent Assessment can be particularly rewarding.

Like all ACT Career Curriculum courses, the ACT Soft Skills Suite is online and can be accessed through an Internet-connected device (computers, tablets and smart phones, for example) that runs an appropriate browser (i.e., Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, and IE8 or higher; IE9 or higher is recommended for a better user experience).

Yes. After February 2015, the Career Skills courses will no longer be available. Customers currently using Career Skills courses will need to switch over to the ACT Soft Skills Suite. ACT will work with the affected clients (those with “ACT KeyTrain-plus-Career Skills” licenses and all Career Ready 101 clients) to make the migration as easy as possible.

Existing licensees will have access to the Soft Skills Suite courses under their current licenses and will not need to take action. If, for some reason, you do not want the ACT Soft Skills Suite available to your learners, please call the Contact Center at 877-842-6205.

If you have any questions about your current license or need renewal information, email or call 877-842-6205.

In 2015, the ACT Soft Skills Suite will be available for purchase as a separate product bundle. The ACT KeyTrain bundle (the cognitive, ACT WorkKeys–related courses) will also be offered.

Another option, the ACT Career Ready 101 bundle, will incorporate the ACT KeyTrain and ACT Soft Skills bundles, along with additional courses in Job Search and Personal Financial Awareness. This option offers career exploration tools including resume builder, instructions on using the job profiles for planning, and access to O*NET data and how to use it.

An ACT Consultant can provide more information about pricing and give you a quote for your organization. To contact an ACT Consultant, email or call 877-842-6205.

You can obtain a demonstration of the system for administrators and the live HTML/mobile platform for some courses by submitting a request using our contact form.